Logo of the 2015 Vidya Gaem Awards

Cast and Crew of the 2015 Vidya Gaem Awards

Production Team:

Directed by PhoneEatingBear

Produced by Anonymous & PhoneEatingBear

Template by Segab & Monoframe

Award templates edited by Segab

Main show edited by PhoneEatingBear

Preshow edited by Anonymous

Voiced by Ahch117, CounterTunes, Duke, Jackald, SlamBliss, TheVoiceGuy & Yue

Logo by Monoframe

Preshow Music Mix by Jab50Yen

Writing Team:

9Kbits, Beatstar, Dr. J, Duke, HL2.EXE, Importuno, Kurushi, Lamer Gamer, LennyReviews, PhoneEatingBear, Tess & Yue


Most awards by Anonymous, CounterTunes, Cluey, Monoframe, PhoneEatingBear & Segab

"Jet Set Award Future", "A E S T H E T I C S Award" & "Silent Protagonist Award" by Segab

"Hyperbole Award" by Cluey3

">>> /a/ Award" by PhoneEatingBear

"Press X To Win The Award" by Anonymous


“Five Nights at Undertale” – Rucdose
“My Waifu” – Beatstar & UnusualCharacters
“Nintendo's Dead” – Stuff3
“A Weapon” – Jetstorm John
“He will be remembered” – CounterTunes
“Press F to Pay Respects” – Segab
“vidya skit” – Rucdose
“Metal Gear Profit” – Whomobile
“Ending Skit” – PhoneEatingBear

“Bring Moon To Life” – Most
“EVEangelion” – MandaloreGaming
“Shadow of the Pearl” – Cave Game Troll
“Snake Eater Tribute” – Marty MacFLAC
“TWIN SNAEKS” – Chris Huddleston
“Very Good Game Show Yes!” – Ehmaysi
“Nintendont” – Anony Mous

Pleb Patrol:

Website by Clamburger and Segab

Logistics by iAxX

Japanese translation by Ahch117

Special Thanks:

Atlus USA

Destructive Creations

Toby Fox

And most importantly, you!

>they contribute to a shitty online video game award show

>they take their jobs very seriously

>they do it for free